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AFLOAT direct new video for Alice Jemima's ‘No Diggity’

24 February 2017

Alice Jemima has just revealed the video for the release of her sugar-sweet version of Blackstreets classic ‘No Diggity’ via Sunday Best Recordings.

Image TitleAlice Jemima

Alice's new promo was directed by Missing Link Films' rising stars Afloat. The duo worked with Alice Jemima previously on her single "Electric". The success of that video led to them being selected once more to create this dynamic film. The duo were delighted to be asked back and here share their experience of working together on the new promo.

"We were inspired by the laid back rhythm of the track, it summoned up an idea of people gliding seamlessly though a city landscape and what better way is there to drift around town than on roller skates?! After searching online we stumbled upon a London based free-styling skate crew called the High Rollaz and found what we’d been looking for. These guys make it look effortless and some of the moves they can pull off are mind-blowing.

We scouted areas with smooth ground and decent lighting as we knew we wanted to shoot at night. We then contacted a DOP called Matthew P. Smith who is not only a talented cameraman but can also film from a skateboard. This makes the shots feel really smooth, while also allowing us to keep up with the guys. We wanted to just let them do their thing and so as intended, the video feels very observed and natural. They are very comfortable in front of a camera so they made it a really laid back, fun shoot.

We’d known about KG for years, he’s a really talented comedian and actor but he can also roller skate like a pro. There’s quite a famous YouTube video of him doing it with his comedy partner Marston and so that was a big part of our inspiration. We were really excited when he said he’d be in it, he doesn’t tend to say yes to music videos, so we have to thank the track for that as that’s what swayed him. He lends the video an extra level of comedic charm and is one of the nicest people you will ever meet. We really want to work with him again.

We hope you enjoy the video as much as we enjoyed making it. Alice Jemima is a huge talent and her music always inspires us, we love working with her." AFLOAT

‘No Diggity’ appears on her debut self-titled album (produced by Roy Kerr; London Grammar, Bloc Party, Foxes) also released March 3rd 2017 and was her initial breakthrough single which went viral and now stands at over 3-million plays. The video was shot in London and features the skate crew Hi Rollaz and KG The Comedian aka 'Shadrack & The Mandem’.

Listen to Alice Jemima on Soundcloud

Pre order Alice Jemima’s album here

CREDITS Client: Sunday Best Recordings
Video Commissioner: John Moule
Sunday Best: Nick Adler and Luisa Ridge
Artist: Alice Jemima
Title: "No Diggity"
Production Company: Missing Link Films
Directors: Afloat (Jen and Matt)
Executive Producer: Heather Link
Producer: Ben Link

Contact Name
Heather Link