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Knucklehead Director Fanny Hoetzeneder Shoots Promo for Adelphi Music Factory

04 February 2019

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Fanny Hoetzeneder’s promo for this immense track is Inspired by and set to it's rhythmic energy and gospel roots. The video for Adelphi Music Factory portrays a drummer running late - literally - every Sunday to choir rehearsals.

As the scenario repeats, scenes layer upon each other in an ever growing spiral of drumming, running and preaching.

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Filmed on location in Sheffield over a weekend. Featuring a real life father and son from the community for the roles of the Reverend and Drummer, as well as all the other incredible people from Cemetery Road Baptist Church, the New Testament Church and Sheffield’s Community Choir.

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View more of Fanny's work at:

Credits Director: Fanny Hoetzeneder
Producer: Henry Napier-Brown
EP: Ore Okonedo
DoP: Jack Wilkinson
1st AC: Nick Coleman
2nd AC: Jessica Oxley
Grip: Phil Lake
Gaffer: Chris Sarginson
1st AD: Josh Northover
2nd: AD Curtis Hudson
Runner Driver: Jason Thraves
Art Dept: Laura Little
Editor: Charlie Von Rotburg
Grader: Tim Smith
Commissioner: Emily Sonnet
Artist: Adelphi Music Factory
Label: Ministry of Sound / Weapons Music